NDH Kids

NDH Kids is back in 2016 ! Registrations for NDH Kids are closed.

What is NDH Kids ?

It’s a day dedicated to the young people from 8 to 16 years-old who love to experiment, learn and seek for a great time through fun, and creative workshops.

Electronics, programming, tests of physical phenomenon and chemical reactions and experiments, will be entertained by renowned pedagogues in each of the fields proposed.

This free event will take place at Hôtel New York, Disneyland Paris while free meals and snacks will be provided to the young fellows.

Useful information


Disney's Hotel New York, Avenue René Goscinny , Chessy, 77777

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Workshops available

Crypto for everyone!

"Help the emperor Caesar to decipher enemy secret messages!"

Discovery of the Caesar cypher, a message encryption technique, through a spy scenario taking place in Roman times. Deciphering of a secret message, and encryption of a response to keep it secret.

Robotics Workshop

“Build your own robot and program it to challenge your friends!”

Younger ones: Team-based design and construction of a robot with a Lego MindStorm kit, while addressing friction and dynamics.

Older ones: Programming of a robot to make it stay on track and win the race. A competition will take place at the end of the workshop.

PC Puzzle

“Learn about how a computer works”

Younger ones: Discovery of the inner components of a computer through a memory game, before placing them on a model.

Older ones: Discovery of the inner components of a computer and their layout. Time trial challenge: “Which team will be the fastest to assemble its computer?”


“Let’s discover programming with Scratch, a platform mixing cartoon and video games”

Coding initiation with Scratch, a visual programming language using colorful and intuitive blocks as instructions. After animating drawings, the more adventurous ones may create their own small video games.


Get into soldering with those tiny circuit boards, and turn your pencil or water into a musical instrument

Arc welding practice and electronic components discovery through 2 different kits from Electrolab : Dominoux (a blinking domino producing surprising effects when assembled with others) and Electraudio (a music box controllable by drawing on a sheet of paper).

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